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Fear of the Blank Page

Interesting process setting up a new blog, starting a new project, or a new app. So many opportunities and intentions to do it right or better, this time. But it can become one of the highest hurdles to creating something.

Recently, I started working on a new iOS app. I restarted from scratch three times before gaining any momentum. I also switched between several backend service (BAAS) providers and learned two new server programming languages before getting anything done.

Why? Because I was trying to build the perfect app architecture and choose the perfect backend infrastructure. My fear of making the wrong decision prevented me from committing to any specific design or direction. It’s been a long time since I’ve written server-side code. Much has changed in the state of the art since I last walked that path — I have a lot to learn and catch up on.

It turns out that even a “good enough” decision is better than no decision.

I then ran, head-on, into the same behavior pattern when I decided to start blogging again. Do I create a new blog or restart one of my old ones? What blogging engine do I use? Where do I host it? Do I write a “First Post” or just jump in and start writing?

This is definitely something I need to work on.