Inktober 2018

Day 1 – Poisonous

It’s hard to believe that it is again time for Inktober and we’re already a third of the way into the October. This is my third Inktober and, unlike last year, I’m following the daily prompts.

Last year, I drew at least one panel per day of my story, Little. It was incredibly fun and challenging. And I finished a book!

Day 2 – Tranquility

This time around, I don’t yet have a story ready for artwork but, I’m taking the opportunity to practice drawing some of the characters, environments, and props that may make their way into my next project. So each day I’m using the daily prompt to inform what I’ll put my characters through.

Day 3 – Roasting

Unfortunately, the busiest time of the year at work coincides with Inktober so I’ve already given myself permission to skip a day here and there. After all, I do need to sleep.

If you would like to follow along, I’m posting each day’s artwork on my Instagram feed.



Sidewalk Comics Fest Retrospective

Me sharing a table with Matt Harding (right)

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to Sidewalk Comics Fest last Saturday to support me and San Francisco indie comics. We had a pretty good turn out even though the chilly wind drove us inside and kept foot traffic to a minimum.

Sales of Little went surprisingly well and I even sold some buttons!

Chris Fenoglio

We had some great presentations during the afternoon. Brie Spielmann shared her insights for effectively using social networks to build an audience and find work. Jason McNamara gave advice on writing comic scripts and revealed what its like to write for comic books, games, and The Golden State Warriors.

Mingling with the other artists was equally interesting: Chris Fenoglio‘s insider stories working on Orphan Black, X-Files, and Star Wars Adventures to learning about Katie Longua‘s record album art project.

My teacher and comics pro, John Heebink

After the fest was over my teacher, John Heebink, invited everyone out for Chinese food. I admit I was very intimidated and almost didn’t join them. My classmates weren’t attending so I would be the only student amongst the pros. But, like every other scary thing I’ve decided to do, joining in was absolutely the right choice. Once the work of the fest was done people could let down their guard. It was a ton of fun to hear all of the stories and opinions from people who are actually working in comics.

Katie Longua & my classmate Josef Norris

The night went by so fast, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to join in and how they all made me feel that I belonged.

Each step of this adventure has been amazing. The support of friends and family has been incredibly humbling and the talent, kindness, and generosity of those I’ve recently met through this new passion fuels the fire.

Okay, back to the drawing board.

My classmate Sketch Smith

“Little” Book Proofs

Yes, it took a few more months than I had planned. The universe did its best to distract, discourage, and block me. But, I finally got “Little” in to book form.

My goal from the very beginning was to hold my very own comic in my hands. Boy, does it feel good!

The proof came out great; thanks to the folks at Ka-Blam. My first full print order has been printed and I’m awaiting the shipment any day.

Inktober 2017: The making of a comic book

“Little the Cat” – Pages 1 – 3

Inktober is well underway. We’re now more than half-way through the month’s 31 day challenge and things are going well.

For those of you unfamiliar with Inktober, it’s a challenge dreamed up by artist Jake Parker to help him improve his art and build discipline. Inktober has grown each year to become an enormously popular challenge and hashtag on social networks where hundreds of thousands of artists commit to creating and submitting a new piece of art each day that was created using ink.

2016 was my first year participating. It was great fun and definitely lived up to the moniker of “challenge”. Jake produces a list of trigger words each year to help & challenge creators to stretch themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Last time I followed along with each day’s keyword and produced some art that I was very proud of — drawings that I didn’t think myself capable of. At the end of the month I managed to produce 29 new drawings (I missed 2 days) to help fill my first sketchbook.

“Little the Cat” – Penciling a panel

A year later, I was in the middle of writing a comic book script and playing with some character designs with the naive hope to have a full 30+ page comic book completed by the end of the year. As I learned more about writing, story telling, and the book making process I realized I had bitten off more than I could hope to complete in a few short months.

With a few weeks until Inktober 2017, I decided to put my “work in progress” on hold and try my hand at a short story comic that I could draw in a month and hopefully have printed or published on one of the various webcomic platforms. This would be an opportunity to learn about the comic book creation process with a “throw-away” story and a lot less pressure. Inktober would serve as a motivator and set my deadlines.

“Little the Cat” – Watercoloring a panel

Now that we are twenty-two days in to the challenge, I have five fully inked comic book pages completed with roughly five pages to go — I’m doing some late editing . It looks like I may run over the allotted 31 days but the bulk of the pages should be completed.

I’m planning to scan each of the inked pages then add captions, sound effects, and speech bubbles digitally. With the addition of a title page I’m planning to have a small print run made and be able to hold my very first comic book in hand by the end of the year.

If you want to follow along, I’m posting each day’s comic panel on my Instagram feed.

Inktober 2016: Catchup

As Inktober 2017 starts this year, I realized how behind I am on updating this site. Instead of tediously adding one post per remaining Inktober submission from last year, here is the final round up of the entire challenge.

I’ll post again soon to share what I’m working on for Inktober 2017 as well as what I worked on over the past year.

Inktober 2016