Inktober 2016: Catchup

As Inktober 2017 starts this year, I realized how behind I am on updating this site. Instead of tediously adding one post per remaining Inktober submission from last year, here is the final round up of the entire challenge.

I’ll post again soon to share what I’m working on for Inktober 2017 as well as what I worked on over the past year.

Inktober 2016

Inktober Day 19, “Flight”

Inktober Day 19, "Flight" Oct 19, 2016
Inktober Day 19, “Flight”
Oct 19, 2016

Second drawing of the night — feels good to be caught up. Tried using more color for this one and immediately regretted the decision. Stuck with it and things turned out alright. Satisfied with Boy’s pose, sitting cross-legged. Definitely the most challenging pose I’ve tried so far. Had serious doubts I could pull it off. Good lesson on pushing through to finish artwork.

Inktober Day 14, “Tree”

Inktober Day 14, "Tree"
Inktober Day 14, “Tree”
Oct 14, 2016

Sleep and travel finally caught up with me and I missed two days of Inktober themes. Instead of trying to rush them out a few days late, I declared bankruptcy and continued on with the current day’s theme, “Tree”.

This was drawn in the back of a rental car on the way up to West Lafayette from Indianapolis for Purdue University homecoming weekend. Because of the bumpy ride, I opted for brush pens to help absorb the jitters.

Inktober Day 9, “Broken”

Inktober Day 9, "Broken"
Inktober Day 9, “Broken”
Oct 9, 2016

Bunny and Boy return again for day 9. This time I did use a few references of a Red Flyer tricycle to get this right.

I used this drawing as a challenge to work on character posing and proportions. I used a skeletal construction approach and I compressed the normal human proportions to get a more cartoon-like child figure. I really struggled with Boy’s face, but it kind of came together just at the point where I almost gave up on it.

Inktober Day 7, “Lost”

Inktober Day 7, "Lost"
Inktober Day 7, “Lost”
Oct 7, 2016

My stuffed bunny makes a reappearance. This time he is the protagonist.

I started with the idea of drawing an Athenian soldier lost in a maze, like Theseus and The Minotaur, but as I researched image references I fell out of love with the idea and Bunny popped in to mind. He worked so well for Inktober Day 5, “Sad”, to help evoke emotion I thought he would work for this day’s theme too.

Pretty happy with the results considering it came straight from my mind without drawing from a direct reference. The only visual reference came from some light research on drawing shafts of light (not much to find out there).