Inktober Day 11, “Transport”

Inktober Day 11, "Transport"

Inktober Day 11, “Transport”
Oct 11, 2016

Stayed up until 2:00 am catching up on Day 10 and 11. Thought this would be a quick drawing but actually took much longer than I expected. Had to really cut back on the detail work that a real Space 1999 Eagle would require. Really loved that show as a kid — great special effects for a TV show of that era. I think this turned out way too “blocky”, but can’t complain considering it was rushed and I was running on a serious lack of sleep.

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cocktail

2 am last night. Indian Summer. Too hot, too sweaty. Too much coffee late at work. Tired, but my brain is much too awake to sleep.

Took this photo of an “Old Fashioned” cocktail at The Interval last Saturday. The beautiful color and lighting has beckoned to me ever since.

Sketched with a mechanical pencil, inked with a Pigma Micron and a Tomboy brush pen. Shading with warm and cool grey Faber Castle brush pens. I tried to add the white highlights using a white Gelly Roll pen, but it didn’t mix well with the Faber Castle ink and ended up blending instead of popping the whites.

Turned out okay, but wish I had the tools and talent to capture the caramel color of the whiskey and the brilliant highlights. Add these to the practice list.

Now, time to sleep.