Inktober 2016: Catchup

As Inktober 2017 starts this year, I realized how behind I am on updating this site. Instead of tediously adding one post per remaining Inktober submission from last year, here is the final round up of the entire challenge.

I’ll post again soon to share what I’m working on for Inktober 2017 as well as what I worked on over the past year.

Inktober 2016

Inktober Day 19, “Flight”

Inktober Day 19, "Flight" Oct 19, 2016
Inktober Day 19, “Flight”
Oct 19, 2016

Second drawing of the night — feels good to be caught up. Tried using more color for this one and immediately regretted the decision. Stuck with it and things turned out alright. Satisfied with Boy’s pose, sitting cross-legged. Definitely the most challenging pose I’ve tried so far. Had serious doubts I could pull it off. Good lesson on pushing through to finish artwork.